Charmaine Alvarez

Profile Summary

With over 2 years of practical experience in bookkeeping, I bring a methodical approach to financial management. Proficient in essential tools like QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto,, and Fathom, I have a proven track record of maintaining accurate and well-organized financial records. As a detail-oriented problem solver, I excel in reconciliations and financial reporting. Prepared to contribute to your team with strategic vision and a verified history of successful outcomes. I am also an accomplished banking professional with a decade of expertise, honored with the Circle of Excellence Award. Recognized as a leading branch referrer and Millionaires Club member for outstanding life insurance contributions. 🌟 Specialties and Credentials: • Seasoned bank professional with a decade of hands-on experience • Circle of Excellence Award recipient for top-notch marketing assistance • Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and Xero Advisor • Member of the Millionaires Club for exceptional life insurance contributions 💼 Benefits of Hiring Me: • Tech-Savvy Financial Management: Certified proficiency in QuickBooks Online and Xero for streamlined and efficient processes. • Banking Insight: A decade of hands-on experience in banking, providing a unique perspective on financial strategies. • Strategic Marketing Assistance: Award-winning marketing expertise to elevate your brand and increase visibility. • Collaborative Approach: Client satisfaction is at the forefront; expect a partnership built on trust and communication. • Problem Solver: Proven ability to troubleshoot, ensuring your financial systems run seamlessly. Unique Selling Points (USPs): • Tech Mastery: Proficient in a range of software and applications, ensuring cutting-edge financial solutions. • Global Perspective: Leverage international experience for a broad understanding of diverse financial landscapes. Services Offered: • Recording of all transactions • Bank and credit card reconciliations • Data migration and setup • Troubleshooting and tune-ups • Payroll and tax preparation • Transaction and balance audits • Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable • Cash flow projections and budgets • Financial reporting and analysis 📬 Ready to Elevate Your Financial and Marketing Strategies? Let's Connect! 🌐✨ Your success story begins here. Reach out, and let's create a tailored plan for your financial and marketing success. 🚀📈

Lives in Camarines Sur

Open for Part-Time/Full-Time


Software Expertise

  • Fathom
  • Gusto
  • QuickBooks
  • Xero


  • Quickbooks Online Proadvisor
  • Xero Payroll Certified
  • Gusto Payroll Certified
  • AR AP Certified
  • Certified Fathom Advisor
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